Better Call Saul: “Rebecca” Season 2 Episode 5 Review

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Better Call Saul doesn’t appear to be in any rush with its second season’s character arcs. The slower pace of the last few episodes, while putting more of a spotlight on specific characters, has definitely interrupted the excellent start to the season. Just as he did last week with Mike, Jimmy takes a backseat in this episode, but this time for Kim.

Even with the show’s overall flow moving slower than I’d like, Kim’s story was really well told this week. With its slow pace at the moment, Better Call Saul is still capable of making statements about its characters, even if it’s doing them all one at a time. But “Rebecca” was a great Kim episode, diving into her seemingly endless drive to succeed. Jimmy threw a stick of dynamite on that path with his ad, with Kim accepting a lot of unfair blame. To redeem herself to her superiors, she stays past midnight and spends her lunches calling every contact she’s made since her career started. She’s blind throwing darts at a dartboard praying for a bullseye. But the ever-professional Kim has a lot of darts. One eventually hits its target.

But just when it seems Kim is out of the dog house, Howard sends her back to her rudimentary task. Much to my surprise, it’s Chuck who sort of comes to her rescue. The show pit them on opposing sides of Jimmy’s soul just a few episodes ago, but as the man in question keeps digging his hole a little deeper, you can see Chuck feel for Kim, who simply didn’t know any better. Whether their good feelings toward each other lasts is another question, but for now, with Jimmy going down a slow downward spiral, Kim and Chuck may need each other to rebuild their own lives.

“Rebecca” has a little more on its mind than Kim’s career though. As the episode ends, Mike gets a visit from Hector Salamanca, Tuco’s uncle who Breaking Bad fans should remember very well. He offers him a deal to get Tuco less jail time. With Mike now in pretty deep with the Salamancas, the connections to who he’s destined to become are getting bigger. It also brings up the question, just how did Hector end up mute in that wheelchair?

This was another sort of slow episode that did some strong work for one of the supporting players. Kim’s arc progressed in a natural way that also left a lot of questions for the future. Better Call Saul could use a knockout episode in the near future, but the ending here already points to better things to come. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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