Beware the Batman: “Secrets” Season 1 Episode 2 Review

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Batman fought a compelling new villain in the second episode of Beware the Batman.

At first, Magpie didn’t seem all that original. In the early interactions she had with Batman I was wondering why the creators went this route and didn’t just use Catwoman. Their playful sexual tension made me wonder if the show would just say it wasn’t using classic villains and just give them different names. But by the end of the episode, Magpie did become a bit more interesting.

One thing I will say is that this show does Bruce Wayne’s detective skills very well. Watching all the subtle things he does as both Batman and Bruce Wayne can only be described as cool. It’s the only thing on Beware the Batman that really feels like it’s a Batman story.

As he figured out who Magpie was, her true identity was actually quite startling. There wasn’t any emotion attached, but the show did pull off a decent twist. Emotion did come in to play as the villain looked into the mirror and didn’t recognize herself. She will fit in at Arkham Asylum.

The rest of the episode was less interesting. The future Commissioner Gordon got a lot of screen time as he uncovered the same mystery as Batman. I wonder how long it will take for he and Batman to have the classic retort fans are used to.

It should also be noted that Barbara Gordon appeared in this episode. We know from the promos that Katana will be Batman’s immediate sidekick, but at least the show seems to be open to the idea of Batgirl.

Speaking of Katana, Wayne’s new driver has almost nothing going for her. It doesn’t help that this absurd adaptation of Alfred is her only true connection to the story.

Beware the Batman‘s second episode was more or less around the same quality as the first one. It’s an interesting adaptation of the characters that takes too many liberties with the source material. The question is if it well eventually realize what makes Batman so great. Grade: C+

By Matt Dougherty

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