Brave Review: Pixar’s Latest is No Classic, But Fine Family Entertainment

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Since Toy Story debuted in 1995, the name Pixar has come with a certain quality. That is, until a year ago when Cars 2 opened to negative reviews, a first for the studio. This means that a lot rests on Brave to bring back that feeling that we know something is going to be great the second that little lamp hops over and playfully squishes the letter I. So does Brave get us there? Not quite, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Brave never quite achieves that extra something special that made Wall-E or Up classics. It is hard to explain really, because it has great characters and a compelling narrative. So what’s missing? There is just nothing daring about the film. It is just a princess fairy tale.

That being said, the film has a lot of great surprises in store. I have to give credit to the marketing team at Pixar as they once again leave the entire plot a surprise, meaning I won’t talk about it. Just know that not everything was in the trailer (for once).

But the best thing about Brave is it’s characters. Merida is a marvelous addition to both the roster of Disney princesses and Pixar protagonists. But she isn’t the only one, the rest of her family is great too. Every character is lovable for different reasons and adds there own charm to every scene they are in. The biggest standout is Merida’s mother who fiercely commands the screen whenever she appears.

Another great thing about this film is the animation. The environments are absolutely gorgeous and add to the fairy tale nature of it all.

But still, all these great qualities cannot save Brave from being a pretty generic animated feature. It’s funny, it has heart, it looks beautiful, and it is a good movie. None of that changes the fact that we know Pixar can do better. Grade: B

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