Breaking Bad: “Blood Money” Season 5 Episode 9 Review

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Breaking Bad is back, and holy sh*t did they go big for the premiere.

From the beginning, Walt has had to “tread lightly” around his DEA agent of a brother-in-law Hank. The closing moments of the last episode saw Hank sitting on the john and piecing together that Walt is the meth dealer known as Heisenberg that has tortured him over the past five seasons. We picked up literally seconds after, with Hank exiting the bathroom and pulling his wife out of the house.

The writers continue to be top notch of course as Hank pulls away in the car with Walt holding his baby daughter waving goodbye. It was classic Breaking Bad humor that had some extra history stacked onto it.

Hank stays home from work, claiming a stomach bug to Marie. But watching him go through files of all the bodies Walt has put underground was just spectacular. Hank’s journey over the course of the series was leading to this moment.

Meanwhile for Walt, business was as usual. Well, sort of. He’s done cooking and just runs the carwash alongside Skyler. He even suggests buying another to help launder the mountain of money they have in storage. More proof that he’s out comes when Lydia tries to pull him back in. The way Walt was speaking to her was eerily similar to the way Gus would talk to Walt all those seasons ago at Los Pollos Hermanos. But he is most definitely out, refusing to give Lydia even a sign of returning to the business.

After a nice family dinner, Walt find himself once again puking in the toilet. The cancer is back, adding another sad layer to this sad story. On top of that, he realizes his copy of Leaves of Grass is missing. Then he finds a tracker on his car.

This lead to one hell of a climax. Walt visits Hank in his garage, a scene overflowing with tension that only Breaking Bad can deliver. Just before leaving, Walt asks Hank about the tracker. Hank closes the garage. Their conversation was five years in the making. Hank accuses his brother-in-law, referring to him as Heisenberg. Walt of course doesn’t admit anything, but gives him a warning. “Tread lightly,” Walt tells his latest nemesis (having previously watched every episode on Netflix, this is my first week-long wait for the next episode, and it is already unbearable).

With all this going on it would be easy to forget about Jesse. His guilt has overcome him. He suspects Mike to be dead, with Walt having something to do with it, and begins to give his money away. Jesse is unpredictable yet every move he makes is believable. A tough balance to strike.

And the opening scene! Walt returning to his abandoned home, the name he gave himself spray painted across the wall. Then he grabs the ricin he hid years ago. What is he planning to do with it?! These flash forwards are effective at keeping us focused on the endgame without giving us too much.

Overall, this was a great way to start the final stretch of episodes. As if Breaking Bad had any chance of disappointing. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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