Breaking Bad: “Buried” Season 5 Episode 10 Review

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The return episode of Breaking Bad focused on Walt and Hank for obvious reasons. Now, the second episode puts the focus on the sisters who married into this meth addicted Texas standoff.

Skyler and Marie are a huge part of what make Walt and Hank who they are. We care about them as much, if not more so than, we do our main “hero”.

Buried picked up immediately after the garage confrontation between Walt and Hank, with both men trying to contact Skyler. But Hank gets to her first, who then questions her about what she knows about Walt. Clearly, the jig is up. The Whites have a serious problem, especially as the Schraders prepare for their attack against family.

As phenomenal as Skyler and Hank’s conversation was, what really made this episode special was Skyler and Marie. These sisters went through a lot even before the year we’ve spent with them. Through five seasons their relationship has blossomed into one of the most realistic portrayals of mature sisters put on the tube. The conversation they have in this episode effectively tore that down without destroying the foundation built below it. It was tragic. It was beautiful. It was necessary. The progression shown for both characters in this scene was heartbreaking. I can’t imagine a foreseeable future in which Skyler and Marie celebrate Christmas with their children together. But that’s Vince Gilligan’s job. For now we have to deal with the same fact that Marie is dealing with now: Skyler knew her husband was involved in the almost fatal shooting of Hank back in season three. It hit hard, really hard.

It only got worse once Marie tried to leave the house with Skyler’s daughter. Hank having to intervene was a clever way of showing that he is still level headed and thinking clearly through this situation. I’ve often said that Breaking Bad is the most fun smart-show on TV right now. Well the second half of season five is already delivering some of the most dramatic material in the whole series.

The rest of the episode was pretty logical. Walt buried all the money from the storage unit, with a few comic moments courtesy of Saul and his goons. He then goes home to Skyler, but collapses due to his returned cancer. At this point, to be honest, it’s hard to tell if the writers intend for us to sympathize with Walt. Skyler even seems a tad greedy when she tells Walt to stay quiet. For now I’m slightly rooting for Hank.

But then I did forget about Jesse, who didn’t show up too much here. Last week he was seen throwing money out the window due to his guilt. This week we get him spinning around on a playground and then in a holding cell being questioned by the same two FBI bozos who tried to pin the poison on him in season four. Obviously the biggest thing for Jesse in this episode was the cliffhanger teasing a major confrontation between Hank and Jesse this coming week.

On a final note, I’m fascinated to see how Lydia fits into this whole endgame. The ruthless massacre she let loose was hardly the beginning.

So yes, Breaking Bad delivered yet another fantastic episode as we head down the finale stretch. Six episodes remain as Breaking Bad winds down for good and it continues its streak. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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