Breaking Bad Predictions: Who Lives and Who Dies?

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It’s hard to believe that in under a week we’ll be starting the final stretch of Breaking Bad episodes ever. The shocking series is sure to have plenty of twists and turns in store for its fans. After the (spoiler!) heart-wrenching yet fitting death of Mike last summer, the question has become which characters will make it out alive. In this article we will dissect which of the remaining characters have the best chance of riding off into the sunset by the series’ end.


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Over the course of five seasons, Walt has gone further into darkness. The “one who knocks” became a full-fledged villain in the first half of season five. Now he has to pay for his sins. It’s always a difficult thing to predict whether the lead character will die. But Walt almost deserves to. Almost. Which is why we’re still so fascinated if he will or not. It really could go either way. Death Ratio: 2:1


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Oddly enough, the writers wanted to kill Jesse very early, using him just to get Walt in the business. What a different show it would have been. Jesse is the true hero of Breaking Bad. Once a junkie, we last saw Jesse calling it quits on the meth business to go live out his life in peace. As the most morally positive character, his death would be shocking, heartbreaking, and, probably, unrewarding. Jesse needs to live for the ending to be fully satisfying. And I think the writers, producers, and Aaron Paul know that way more than I do. Death Ratio: 40:1


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A lot of fans really hate Skyler and would surely love to see her kick the bucket in these last eight episodes. I’m not one of them. Hear me out! Skyler is a miserable person, but Walt made her so. Skyler deserves a little reprieve. The events of the series will keep her misery intact long after it’s over, but Skyler deserves to get away with little Holly. But the writers could still choose to send her to the grave to please the fans. Death Ratio: 15:1


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Hank is one of best written characters on the show. You laugh at him, rooting against his search for Heisenberg, and then you find yourself begging your TV to spare him when the twins surprise him in that parking lot. Hank is the character who came closest to death on this list and survived. But if the last eight episodes find he and Walt as adversaries, he might find himself closer to death than ever. The only reason I think he has a better chance of living than Walt is that he isn’t nearly as evil. Death Ratio: 3:2


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Everyone loves Walt Jr. as much as he loves breakfast foods. In some ways, it might be too easy for the writers to kill off Walt’s pride and joy. Can’t you just picture one of Hank’s men overzealously shooting he first person they see in the house? Both Walt and Hank would blame each other for the tragedy, fueling an even darker opposition. Sadly, things don’t look too good for Walt Jr. Death Ratio: 4:1


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Like Walt Jr., Marie is a character that could easily get caught in the crossfire between Walt and Hank. Marie can certainly be annoying, but her heart is always in the right place, often siding with Walt in the early seasons when Skyler didn’t understand her husband’s choices. Marie’s death would be incredibly emotional, and another driver of the inevitable final showdown. Death Ratio: 6:1


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Saul’s fate is the easiest to predict because of one word: spinoff. That’s right, the media has been abuzz about a potential Saul Goodman spinoff. Yes, the spinoff is hardly greenlit. Yes, it could easily be a prequel. Yes, it could all be a rouse to distract us from something truly horrible happening to him. I doubt it though. Even as far as Breaking Bad goes, Saul is a necessary addition to the cast, keeping things light after a tragedy (something that has come to define the series). Spinoff or not, expect Saul to make it through the end. Death Ratio: 60:1


Who do you think has the best chance of dying? Who do you want to see go? Tell us below! And look for reviews of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad starting August 11!


By Matt Dougherty



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