Breaking Bad: “Rabid Dog” Season 5 Episode 12 Review

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Every moment changes the game as Breaking Bad continues this legendary, epic final run.

We open with Walt coming home to Jesse’s car in the driveway and a rug with gasoline squishing out of it. But no Jesse. Had the scene not been so well done, I would have thought it was a cop-out. But that thought disappeared once we found out what actually happened after Jesse stormed into the White home.

After Hank and Jesse failed to communicate last week, Hank follows Jesse to Walt’s house and gives him another option. Placing this reveal halfway through the episode was pretty clever.

It was even better when Marie jumped on board. After a revealing and ultimately very sad scene with her therapist, Breaking Bad took a lighter tone by throwing Jesse in with two characters he has barely interacted with over the five seasons. There was something just so funny about Marie offering Jesse a morning cup’o’Joe. Another nice touch was giving him the DEA mug. Too bad Hank appears to be using Jesse as bait. Is anyone besides Jesse actually redeemable on this show?

Meanwhile, Walt and his family are staying at a hotel that feels like the house they should be living in, pool and all. This gives Walt time to talk to everyone he still can talk to. He has Saul hunting Jesse and tells Skyler the truth about what happened at the house. It was great to have Walt scold Saul for using metaphors for killing Jesse and then have Skyler flip the situation on him hoping he was using a euphemism.

But Walt Jr. was the one stealing the show this week. First he told his dad to stop lying. It felt rewarding for him to finally be keeping up. Then we got the scene by the pool, this week’s tearjerker.

The climax of the episode had Hank forcing Jesse to meet with Walt in a public place. First off, this scene was wonderfully shot, showing us the different angles of what every player could see of the situation. It was masterful editing and cinematography.

Jesse gets spooked by a henchman looking fellow standing near Walt. At first, it seems like he’s just freaking out and going his own way. But when Hank pulls up and Jesse says he has a different way to get Walt, I couldn’t help but root for this new pairing.

But we got a dual cliffhanger as Walt apparently did the unthinkable and called Todd to put a hit out on Jesse.

This show continues to be difficult to actually critique as every scene is just so cleverly put together. You feel tension from the opening seconds as Walt drives up to the house to the final moments of him on the phone. All I really have to say is four episodes left. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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