Breaking Bad: “To’hajiilee” Season 5 Episode 13 Review

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I am still struggling to find the words for the second half of tonight’s Breaking Bad.

It was triumphant, touching, epic, yet laced with tragedy, regret, and the impending doom of this great series coming to a close. Those are the best I can come up with.

Breaking Bad is all about responsibility for your actions. What has made the show so amazing is the realistic manner we’ve seen characters dealing with committing murder and other atrocious acts. You won’t find characters grieving for the deaths they’ve caused on Game of Thrones or just about any other show on TV right now. It’s why relate to Jesse, who still chokes up at the thought of Gale.

This episode saw the convoluted coming-together of characters beginning to take responsibility for the actions they’ve taken over the past five seasons.

But it didn’t start that way. The first half felt more like the bridge episode we got last week; granted it was a fantastic bridge episode.

We opened with Todd only putting up 76% pure meth to his uncle and Lydia, who it seems he now wants to get in bed with. This leads to his uncle asking Walt to cook again until Todd catches up as payment for killing Jesse.

Meanwhile, Jesse has figured out a way to get Walt: his money. He and Hank worked flawlessly as a team, while the writers only clued us in on what was actually happening right when we needed to know. Again, flawless.

Hank barely even acknowledges Walt’s pathetic attempt to lure Jesse out by visiting Brock, the boy he poisoned.

Between all this we got a hysterical scene at the carwash of Saul meeting Walt Jr. as Skyler tries to push him out. One thing that has been so wonderful about this season is how characters that have never interacted are getting screen time together. We saw this last week with Marie and Jesse as well.

Now onto the big finale. Take a deep breath readers. Collect your jaw because we’re about to go into one of Breaking Bad‘s best scenes ever.

First, Walt and Jesse’s conversation on the phone after the picture of the money was sent. Especially right after Walt said to Saul that Jesse was probably just off high somewhere. Wrong Mr. White, he’s got you by the balls. Even over the phone, Aaron Paul poured every emotion he could into this scene so wonderfully. As the argument heats up, Walt says a lot. Too much. And now Hank has his confession.

Walt’s face as Hank and Jesse got out of the car was just so wonderful. He never saw it coming. He knows it’s over and calls off Todd’s uncle and his gang.

Walt’s silent surrender was a lot to take in as well. But then we got the reward of Hank reading Heisenberg his rights. And the subsequent phone call to his wife was the tearjerker of the week. There’s just one problem. It all seemed too perfect.

So to ruin this five seasons of payoff is Todd, his uncle, and all their men and guns. A shootout occurs, the biggest one besides Jesse, Mike, and Gus in Mexico, and then we cut to black.

Simply shocking. Three left. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty


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