Broad City: “In Heat” Season 2 Premiere Review

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Season 2 debuts with an episode that’s equal parts outrageous, charming, and strange. In other words, typical Broad City.

New York City is freezing cold right now, and yet within the first few minutes of Broad City‘s season 2 premiere I was instantly transported back into the sweaty, musty days of summer. For anyone worried that the series wouldn’t be able to continue its high in its sophomore outing, fear not. The Broads are back and better than ever.

I’m so thrilled that this show is back, and even more thrilled that it seems to have kept one of its best qualities intact: it’s keen ability to take an emotional truth from the 20-something city experience, and amplify it to hilariously surreal new heights.

I could write an entire separate post on the genius of the cold-open alone, which sees besties Abbi and Ilana navigate the various pitfalls of a subway train. There are break dancers, a pregnant woman, a PDA couple, and, at one point, a woman cutting her son’s hair. Then there’s that one car that’s mysteriously empty (hint: it’s because it smells like sh*t). This sequence obviously takes things to an extreme, but if you aren’t either smiling or grimacing by the time the title cards appear, you’ve probably never ridden a subway in New York.

The rest of the episode follows Abbi and Ilana’s quest to beat the heat. It’s a simple premise with a lot of potential for comedy. Abbi’s date with “Male Stacie” (guest star Seth Rogen) goes awry when he passes out from heat exhaustion while she’s on top of him. The best part about this scene is that it’s intercut with Ilana’s flagrant—and inaccurate—conversation about rape culture, only to jump to the next day in which Abbi realizes she might be a rapist. This show has never been shy about its sexuality, but its true brilliance is in the way it simultaneously pokes fun at and raises issue with the societal norms of our generation.

Of course, this wouldn’t be an episode of Broad City without at least one bizarre stoner sequence. It arrives at the episode’s climax when Abbi and Ilana sneak into Ilana’s old NYU dorm room—under the guise of being RAs—in order to get her old AC unit back. They do, but not before hilariously berating, and then smoking up, a couple of freshman…and their friend still in high school. Poor Abbi. Now she’s a double sex offender.

There’s a subplot involving Ilana forgetting Lincoln’s birthday that temporarily puts their relationship into question. This show is not really one to do overarching plotlines, but I wonder if a recurring theme this season will be Ilana’s selfishness regarding her pseudo-relationship. If it means more Hannibal Buress, then I’m certainly game.

Broad City seems primed for a weirder, wilder, and even more wonderful season than before. Above all, its heart is still in the right place, as evidenced by the many breezy back-and-forths between Abbi and Ilana throughout the episode. Honestly, I could listen to those two talk about anything. Grade: A-


Some Other Notes:

– The best subway car has got to be the one with all the Hasidic Rabbis. I love how Ilana tries to cover herself up, only to slap one of their asses before leaving. You do you, girl.

– Bevers is still super gross.

– I can’t decide which is better: Abbi’s numerous secret-handshake-dances with the Bed, Bath, and Beyond employees or Ilana feigning excitement with the line, “the planning this takes is…unbelievable.”

– Kumail Nanjiani’s eyebrow expressions during his Amazing Race video were priceless.

– Best dirty line of the episode: “He is feasting on her p*ssy like it is a dang milkshake!” (In reference to Colin Farrell’s sex tape).

– The actor who played Reginald Corrola is Raviv Ullman aka Phil from Phil of the Future. Glad to know he’s still around.

– Abbi has an Oprah tramp stamp. That is all.


By Mike Papirmeister

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