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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review: In Need of a Good Tailor

One of the most astounding Hollywood trends since the turn of the century has been genuinely thoughtful and well made sequels. Think about it. Is there a truly bad Harry Potter or Hunger

mother! Review: When An Artist Plays God

Just to get this out of the way, the less you know going into mother! the better. In fact, if you have any inkling to go see it, I suggest stopping here and going

South Park: “White People Renovating Houses” Season 21 Premiere Review

South Park always has and hopefully always will strive to resemble America at its most average. Extraordinary things happen in this town, but things always revert back to the way they were. For

Broad City: “Sliding Doors” Season 4 Premiere Review

The Broads kick off season 4 by bringing us back to the beginning.

BoJack Horseman Season 4 Review: The Root of Us All

When season three ended with BoJack catching a glimpse of “wild” horses on the horizon, it forced BoJack to recognize the kinship of his own species he clearly missed out on. They,

It Review: High Emotion, Minimal Fear

What was the last true horror movie that strung up emotion and feeling for the characters? Even Get Out, though fantastic, relied on generic archetypes and sociopolitical commentary to achieve something higher

American Horror Story: Cult: “Election Night” Season 7 Premiere Review

What’s scary in 2017? Is it waking up in Japan to sirens blaring and being told to seek shelter? Is it being surrounded by neo-nazis on your college campus, outnumbered as you

2017 Summer Movie Wrap-Up

There’s no doubt, from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to Logan Lucky, summer 2017 was one worth remembering at the cinemas. With of course a few exceptions (looking at you Transformers: The Last Knight and The

Beach Rats Review: Sex, Drugs, and Brooklyn

I found myself, in the middle of Beach Rats, wondering when the film was taking place. Here’s an LGBT film released in 2017 where a teenage boy, living in the East Coast’s

2017 Fall TV Preview

As summer movie season ends, fall TV begins, and they are the equivalent of each other in terms of blockbuster rollout. Television blockbusters naturally look a lot different, but this fall is