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The Survivalist Review: A Competent, Routine Dystopian Thriller

There’s really nothing remarkable about The Survivalist, there’s just also nothing outwardly bad about it either. As far as indie genre films go, this one is kind of just there in a

Alien: Covenant Review: Ridley Scott Steers the Beloved Series Back on Track

There are two sci-fi franchises chiefly associated with film that garner more respect than all the others: Star Wars and Alien. With their respective originals released two years apart in the ’70s,

Hounds of Love Review: Character First

So far, the 2017 indie scene will undoubtedly go down for the number of hyper-realistic, artistic horror films/thrillers that feature a simple but strongly emoted character arc. This new wave has left

The Lovers Review: An Easy Renewal

What Azazel Jacobs’ The Lovers does best is put on display the intricacies of attraction. Tracy Letts and Debra Winger perfectly showcase the mannerisms of two people simultaneously bored by each other

Ranking the Films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2‘s release this past week marks the continuation of Marvel’s “Phase Three” (I like to think of the “phases” as seasons of the most expensive TV show

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review: Imperfect Yet Deeply Personal, Marvel Once Again Finds Success

When the original Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters, I was a bit taken aback by how warm its reception was. Here was a film with an essentially identical narrative arc to The Avengers that

A Dark Song Review: Simple But Effective Genre Fare

Stripped down and utterly devoid of fluff, A Dark Song is a very accessible sort of occult horror film. Resisting the urge for a jump scare induced cold open, the film opens with the

A Quiet Passion Review: Sticking to the Classics

A Quiet Passion is so unapologetically an old-fashioned biopic. When this genre is parodied, the easiest cliches to take jabs at are all present aplenty in Terence Davies’ aptly subdued portrait of

2017 Summer Movie Preview

It’s the time of year once more for summer blockbusters. For the next four months, aliens, super intelligent monkeys, and, of course, superheroes will take over the big screen. In what’s been

The Fate of the Furious Review: Cars, Espionage, and Family

This is the eighth Fast and the Furious movie. It features a submarine chasing the heroes on ice while they’re driving their colorful muscle cars. It also involves a cyberterrorist hacking a