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The Devil’s Candy Review: A Somehow Boring Mash-Up

For an occult horror film specifically made for metalheads, The Devil’s Candy sure is boring. That’s mostly because director Sean Byrne doesn’t fully embrace the culture of either, nor the connections between the two

Beauty and the Beast Review: It Was Corporate Greed Killed the Beast

On top of Marvel and Star Wars, Disney’s least inventive way of taking all our money is remaking their own animated classics into live-action films that are marketed as both nostalgia and

Kong: Skull Island Review: Exceedingly Silly, Monstrously Fun

Kong: Skull Island is insane. Expeditions going awry on tropical islands is hardly a fresh premise (the last time it was might have been was 1933), but director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’s gargantuan monster

Ranking All the X-Men Movies

With Logan hitting theaters this week, marking the tenth installment of the original Marvel film franchise, we’re feeling a little nostalgic of 17 years and counting of mutant mayhem. Started in 2000 and still at

Logan Review: Hugh Jackman’s Emotional Final Fight For Mutantkind

Midway through Logan, there’s a scene at a dinner table where Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Logan (Hugh Jackman), a.k.a. Wolverine, exchange light jabs at each other about the school they used

The Girl With All the Gifts Review: The Unfounded Zombie Evolution

In 2017, how do you make a zombie film feel fresh? The Girl With All the Gifts doesn’t provide much guidance in that, sadly. This darker than dark tale of the rabid

Get Out Review: When Race Leads to Horror

Horror is a genre that the new wave of racially aware films really had yet to touch. Get Out fully succeeds in changing that, taking the template of a high-concept psychological thriller

2017 Oscar Predictions

With the 89th Academy Awards set to take place this Sunday, we’re analyzing all the races and how things stack up. Some races are clearer than others, but we won’t truly know

Oscars 2017: Reviewing the Live-Action Shorts

Each year, ShortsHD releases the Oscar-nominated short films in theaters, and each year this release serves as a reminder of the true magnificence of the world of film. Played together, these shorts

Oscars 2017: Reviewing the Animated Shorts

The short categories at the Oscars are frequently overlooked by mass audiences, but there’s obviously lots to love within them, hence the recognition. This year, the animated shorts category is a varied