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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review: Rian Johnson Wows While Still Searching for Support

The Last Jedi is so focused on being a surprising film—at which it succeeds in spades—that it almost forgets that surprises have to be satisfying and emotionally resonant. It’s a good film,

Ranking the ‘Star Wars’ Movies

Going into this week of Last Jedi coverage, I realize that I somehow had never written my ranking of the saga for The Filtered Lens. Well, no longer. Even before Disney continued the

A Guide to ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’

It’s gotten to the point where hearing fans completely write-off the prequel era turns my stomach. That’s because over the course of six seasons (all on Netflix), Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Ranking John Williams’ ‘Star Wars’ Scores

With The Last Jedi due out this week, we’ve gone a little crazy with anticipation, as you might notice in our coverage this week. But one thing it feels imperative to highlight

The 10 Most Influential Women of ‘Star Wars’

So far, the number one thing Disney has gotten right with its take over of Star Wars is its very loud diversity push. From Rey to Jyn Erso to even Iden Versio,

Molly’s Game Review: Aaron Sorkin Goes All In

Few screenwriters in history have achieved such a high level of fame through screenwriting alone as Aaron Sorkin. But then nobody before him ever wrote dialogue as snappy and quick-witted while maintaining

The Disaster Artist Review: High Marks

What I found most surprising about The Disaster Artist is how genuinely sweet it is. This is a film about what many have labeled the worst film ever made, and yet it roots itself

The Shape of Water Review: Guillermo del Toro’s Aquatic Love Story Doesn’t Sink

There’s hardly a moment throughout Guillermo del Toro’s best work since Pan’s Labyrinth that doesn’t move to its own melody. The Shape of Water is musical in its execution of love and

Coco Review: Pixar Strums a Tune of Color, Culture, and Complex Emotion

At the end of the previous decade, the very Pixar name had become synonymous with “masterpiece.” But after 2010’s Toy Story 3, the Disney off-shoot’s creative return rates started to diminish. Sure, instant-classic Inside

Darkest Hour Review: Gary Oldman Carries This Safe Biopic

The man Darkest Hour has most on its mind goes by the name of Oscar. Director Joe Wright has constructed a film that so methodically touches all the classic beats of the