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2017 Fall TV Preview

As summer movie season ends, fall TV begins, and they are the equivalent of each other in terms of blockbuster rollout. Television blockbusters naturally look a lot different, but this fall is

2017 Fall Movie Preview

After what will certainly be remembered as one of the best summer movie seasons of the decade, 2017’s run of big studio films is hardly slowing down. For the last four months

2017 Summer Movie Preview

It’s the time of year once more for summer blockbusters. For the next four months, aliens, super intelligent monkeys, and, of course, superheroes will take over the big screen. In what’s been

2016 Fall TV Preview

Fall TV is right around the corner, bringing with it shows we already love and a bunch of new ones we hope to fall in love with. Being a small operation, we

2016 Fall Movie Preview

As one of the most disappointing summer blockbuster seasons in recent history closes out, we can’t help but looks past the desolate summer movie doldrums and into what the rest of 2016

2016 Summer Movie Preview

With the weather getting warmer, the movies are getting bigger. The year’s four-month annual dose of sun and giant blockbusters is almost upon us. For each of the next four months, we’ve

The New Suicide Squad Trailer is Here!

DC is ready to compete. After Batman fights Superman in March, a bunch of villains are going to carry out a covert government mission. The Joker will be there too somehow. Suicide Squad is

Deadpool Left a New Trailer Under Your Tree

Merry Christmas from Deadpool with this very awesome, very R-rated trailer.

The First Trailer For X-Men: Apocalypse Brings the Heat!

The longest running superhero film franchise of all time isn’t going anywhere. This trailer is proof, as Apocalypse looks to be the biggest, most destructive film in the series yet.

The New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Has Landed!

As 2015 comes to a close, some of the biggest movies of 2016 are starting to get trailers, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one behemoth of a movie.