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Better Call Saul: “Lantern” Season 3 Finale Review

“You hurt people, Jimmy,” Chuck tells his brother in what is likely the last time they’ll ever speak or see each other. “I never cared much for you,” he adds. This is

Better Call Saul: “Fall” Season 3 Episode 9 Review

With “Fall,” the penultimate episode of season three, the purpose of the second half of the season is starting to take shape. It’s become clear that there’s a before “Chicanery” and an

Better Call Saul: “Slip” Season 3 Episode 8 Review

Jimmy’s new way of making money? He’s going to threaten to sue the pants off of all of Albuquerque. “Slip” introduces us to this sad, hilarious, kind of dangerous notion as Jimmy

Better Call Saul: “Expenses” Season 3 Episode 7 Review

The crucial lesson Jimmy learns in “Expenses” is that revenge, no matter how justified, doesn’t mean things get better. His post-trial world is hectic and busy with things he doesn’t want to

Better Call Saul: “Off Brand” Season 3 Episode 6 Review

“Just a name.” Not really, Jimmy. That name is destined to go on to define Jimmy McGill. It’s the one he’ll leave behind at the Cinnabon. It’s the only name Walt and

Better Call Saul: “Chicanery” Season 3 Episode 5 Review

There’s no question, not only is “Chicanery” a masterpiece, it’s also the best episode of Better Call Saul yet. For all the time season three has spent bringing Gus into the picture, this episode

Better Call Saul: “Sabrosito” Season 3 Episode 4 Review

Better Call Saul‘s crisis of identity this season, mostly brought on by Gus Fring’s arrival, has been something of a double-edged sword. In a lot of ways, the writers have been relying on

Better Call Saul: “Sunk Costs” Season 3 Episode 3 Review

For all that happens within it, “Sunk Costs” was an astoundingly fast episode of Better Call Saul, at least compared with the first two episodes of the season. But a lot of the

Better Call Saul: “Witness” Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Now this was a more effective start to the season. Following last week’s dull, stagnant season premiere, “Witness” squeezes a lot into an hour. Some frustrations remain (the first ten minutes of

Better Call Saul: “Mabel” Season 3 Premiere Review

Going into season three, the only thing that seems to be on everybody’s minds is the show’s introduction of Gus Fring, who might actually be the greatest TV villain of all time.