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Top 5 TV Shows of 2017 (So Far)

In the age of “peak TV,” your weekly viewing options can be somewhat overwhelming. Between streaming services, premium cable, and regular networks, there are so many shows out there that you’re bound

Big Little Lies: “You Get What You Need” Series Finale Review

Big Little Lies expertly closes out its story with a perfectly plotted, excellently acted, and all-around thrilling finale.

Big Little Lies: “Burning Love” Episode 6 Review

The penultimate episode of Big Little Lies unpacks a lot of tension, while setting the stage for an explosive finale.

Big Little Lies: “Once Bitten” Episode 5 Review

Nicole Kidman is a revelation in Big Little Lies‘ best episode yet.

Big Little Lies: “Push Comes to Shove” Episode 4 Review

Big Little Lies takes its biggest deviation from its source material yet, making Madeline into an entirely new character.

Big Little Lies: “Living the Dream” Episode 3 Review

A fantastic episode reveals a kinder side of Renata, as well as the personal demons that Jane has been trying to move past.

Big Little Lies: “Serious Mothering” Episode 2 Review

Celeste’s dark home life is revealed, Jane struggles to keep her demons in the past, and Madeline draws some very clear battle lines.

Big Little Lies: “Somebody’s Dead” Series Premiere Review

HBO’s star-studded, suburban mini-series is equal parts intriguing character drama and soapy guilty pleasure.