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Girls: “All I Ever Wanted” Season 6 Premiere Review

Girls has made the point “All I Ever Wanted” makes before. “One Man’s Trash,” arguably the show’s best episode, puts Hannah into an unexpected fantasy of life and love. It showcases very traditional

2017 TV Preview

As 2016 draws to a close, we’re looking ahead to all the shows we’re excited about for 2017. With so many shows now adhering to a 15-month or longer return time, lots

Girls: “I Love You Baby” Season 5 Finale Review

For as uneven as it was, these final two episodes may have solidified a full-blown comeback season for Girls. Building on the outstanding “Love Stories,” “I Love You Baby” is the show’s best

Girls: “Love Stories” Season 2 Episode 9 Review

So how does Hannah start over? Girls has forced its chief characters to start over, or at least think they’re starting over (Marnie…), for a few seasons now. But “Love Stories” sees Hannah genuinely

Girls: “Homeward Bound” Season 5 Episode 8 Review

“Homeward Bound” was just an out and out mess. Out of sync with the tone Girls initially set and slowly but surely overblown, this episode was like a test run to see just how

Girls: “Hello Kitty” Season 5 Episode 7 Review

After such a phenomenal showing last week, Girls had a lot to live up to with “Hello Kitty.” Is season five a brilliant return to form, or is it a mediocre album with a

Girls: “The Panic in Central Park” Season 5 Episode 6 Review

Who is Marnie Michaels? Girls hasn’t successfully answered that question since season one. The beginning of her falling apart in season two was only believable half the time, and after that, she simply became

Girls: “Queen for Two Days” Season 5 Episode 5 Review

After last week’s expertly written and acted episode, Girls comes down from its high and returns to a more uneven place. “Queen for Two Days” has moments of transcendence for some of its characters,

Girls: “Old Loves” Season 5 Episode 4 Review

Aside from the obnoxious Marnie and Desi subplot, “Old Loves” was a masterful episode of Girls. The fights between friends and lovers, the advice people shouldn’t be giving, and sex as a narrative

Girls: “Japan” Season 5 Episode 3 Review

Girls teases us with one of season four’s biggest mistakes. The handling of Hannah in Iowa was an absolute mess, and with Shoshanna already given a reason to go back to New York