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Girls: “Japan” Season 5 Episode 3 Review

Girls teases us with one of season four’s biggest mistakes. The handling of Hannah in Iowa was an absolute mess, and with Shoshanna already given a reason to go back to New York

Girls: “Good Man” Season 5 Episode 2 Review

“Good Man” was much stronger than last week’s wacky wedding premiere. Taking the characters that feel most true to who they were in the beginning, and ditching the rest, gave us a

Girls: “Wedding Day” Season 5 Premiere Review

“It’s like a really bad rom com that’s too obvious and not funny,” Hannah says to new boyfriend Fran after one of the show’s tamest sex scenes. She’s referring to the drama

Girls Season 4 Review: Growing Pains

For a season that had a lot of promise going in, coming out of it has me counting down the time until Girls ends.

Girls: “Home Birth” Season 4 Finale Review

“Home Birth” was a lot like the rest of the fourth season of Girls, all over the place. Some moments landed with surprising grace, while others sunk to the bottom of the East

Girls: “Daddy Issues” Season 4 Episode 9 Review

On last week’s Looking, a show that was once considered the gay equivalent of Girls but has since surpassed it in quality, two main characters are developing a mobile game that pits different divisions (or kinds of

Girls: “Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz” Season 4 Episode 8 Review

Well, Elijah called it way back in Girls‘ third episode. Hannah’s dad is gay.

Girls: “Ask Me My Name” Season 4 Episode 7 Review

Girls has treaded into traditional sitcom territory before, but never as much as in “Ask Me My Name.”

Girls: “Close-Up” Season 4 Episode 6 Review

After an episode as masterful as last week’s “Sit-In,” there was no way Girls was going to be able to hit that high standard again so quickly. “Close-Up” does little to maintain that momentum,

Girls: “Sit-In” Season 4 Episode 5 Review

After a meandering few episodes of Hannah in Iowa, Girls needed to deliver a showstopper. Luckily, “Sit-In” is a masterpiece, a perfect illustration of Girls at its best.