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Homeland: “America First” Season 6 Finale Review

An insane amount was packed into “America First,” a tight hour of television that was pretty much perfectly paced. Surprisingly, for building up to the assassination attempt against Keane all season, only

Homeland: “R Is for Romeo” Season 6 Episode 11 Review

Let’s just get one thing out of the way. Never in a million years would hundreds, maybe even thousands of New Yorkers protest a president for accusations laid against her and her

Homeland: “The Flag House” Season 6 Episode 10 Review

Season six likely has a very specific endgame in mind. It has to. More so than any previous season, the number of moving parts is astronomical. And with season premieres now acting

Homeland: “Sock Puppets” Season 6 Episode 9 Review

Has anyone watching Homeland ever had true affection for Dar Adal? There’s a scene at the end of season four where he, Carrie, Saul, and Quinn are sitting in a backyard shooting the

Homeland: “Alt.Truth” Season 6 Episode 8 Review

The beginning of season six, while not the best the show has ever been, did a nice job laying out exactly what issues this season would be tackling. From Quinn’s struggle as

Homeland: “Imminent Risk” Season 6 Episode 7 Review

It wouldn’t be a season of Homeland without Carrie going into a tailspin. It’ll never not be great television to watch Claire Danes act her ass off for these scenes, and luckily, season six’s

Homeland: “The Return” Season 6 Episode 6 Review

After last week’s phenomenal outing, Homeland does what Homeland does best: overdo it. “The Return” is the point in the season where the show tip toes around jumping the shark, never quite committing to doing so

Homeland: “Casus Belli” Season 6 Episode 5 Review

Up to this point, season six had been introducing a lot of interesting ideas, but not quite connecting them in any meaningful way. But, with a single explosion, Carrie’s job, the President-elect’s

Homeland: “A Flash of Light” Season 6 Episode 4 Review

With the groundwork laid, “A Flash of Light” could be a major turning point for season six. My hope is that, just as the show did after season four’s game-changing “From A

Homeland: “The Covenant” Season 6 Episode 3 Review

There’s nothing like the look Claire Danes puts on Carrie when she wins a battle. This character, for all her flaws and everything up against her, tends to relish in her miseries.