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South Park: “The End of Serialization as We Know It” Season 20 Finale Review

“The End of Serialization as We Know It” makes a good argument for South Park to live up to this episode title. After season 18’s abandoned continuity and the rush of success that came

South Park: “Not Funny” Season 20 Episode 9 Review

There’s truth in comedy. There’s always been truth in South Park. But what about when our truth is horrifying? Look, the likelihood of a major foreign crisis beguiling the nation to the brink

South Park: “Members Only” Season 20 Episode 8 Review

In the most ironic way, South Park might’ve gotten the short end of the stick in reacting to the election. As the first scripted series to really get a chance to have its say,

South Park: “Oh, Jeez” Season 20 Episode 7 Review

On a technical level, “Oh, Jeez” is incredibly impressive. South Park‘s previous election episodes, airing just 24 hours after the results, had just a couple scenes, or even just one, that actually referred

South Park: “Fort Collins” Season 20 Episode 6 Review

Does anyone else get the sense that, like most Americans I’m sure at this point, the election needs to be over so it can deal with the results and move on? Mr.

South Park: “Douche and a Danish” Season 20 Episode 5 Review

Maybe there’s a plan after all? Slowly but surely, season 20’s scattered storylines are getting pulled together. “Douche and a Danish” not only started to divulge the main point of the season,

South Park: “Wieners Out” Season 20 Episode 4 Review

Season 19’s serialization seemed built to fit the South Park model. Individual episodes still thoroughly tackled different issues, just with the added aspect of the issues allowing the plot to flow into the next

South Park: “The Damned” Season 20 Episode 3 Review

Is Season 20 going to end up being a cautionary tale about getting too wrapped up in nostalgia? The existence of member berries in the South Park universe points to a larger danger threatening

South Park: “Skank Hunt” Season 20 Episode 2 Review

In almost a direct response to the mad dash of last week’s season premiere to get every possible idea for season 20 out there, “Skank Hunt” was a much smaller episode, dealing

South Park: “Member Berries” Season 20 Premiere Review

Before I dive into “Member Berries,” I have to acknowledge something. Season 20. That is a mighty accomplishment. And before you say, “Simpsons did it!,” it has to be said, South Park has stayed good