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South Park: “Splatty Tomato” Season 21 Finale Review

In a season mostly made up of misfires, “Splatty Tomato” finally comes the closest to what the writers said they wanted to try and get back to all season. The season 21 finale

South Park: “Super Hard PCness” Season 21 Episode 9 Review

Six seasons ago, South Park put out one of the most fascinating episodes they’ve done in the last decade. “You’re Getting Old” explored themes of growing out of the things you once loved, and

South Park: “Moss Piglets” Season 21 Episode 8 Review

What do Heidi gaining weight, a special ed. science fair, and declining viewership of the NFL have to do with each other? The answer can be found in a pair of South Park episodes

South Park: “Doubling Down” Season 21 Episode 7 Review

“Doubling Down” is an episode that really wants to have its cake and eat it too. Prior to season 21’s premiere, Trey Parker and Matt Stone made it seem like the show

South Park: “Sons a Witches” Season 21 Episode 6 Review

South Park needs to be more careful with how it handles its allegories. In “Sons a Witches,” all the middle-aged men in town are part of a group that goes out to the

South Park: “Hummels & Heroin” Season 21 Episode 5 Review

What is this episode of South Park even about? Is it a riff on the rampant heroin problems in suburbia? Is it criticizing people who put their parents in nursing homes? “Hummels & Heroin”

South Park: “Franchise Prequel” Season 21 Episode 4 Review

Hidden deep within “Franchise Prequel” is a simplistic, but nonetheless reasonably effective commentary on the whole “fake news” conundrum and its relation with Facebook. But you have to really look for it,

South Park: “Holiday Special” Season 21 Episode 3 Review

“Holiday Special” is the rare tough episode to read of South Park. On one hand, there are definitely clear socio-political overtones present throughout. On the other, Randy’s handling of them is really overblown

South Park: “Put It Down” Season 21 Episode 2 Review

“Why does he keep making things worse?!” Tweek’s pleas with President Trump/Garrison’s tweets regarding North Korea echo a lot of us right now, but it’s notable that it’s Tweek doing the freaking

South Park: “White People Renovating Houses” Season 21 Premiere Review

South Park always has and hopefully always will strive to resemble America at its most average. Extraordinary things happen in this town, but things always revert back to the way they were. For