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A Guide to ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’

It’s gotten to the point where hearing fans completely write-off the prequel era turns my stomach. That’s because over the course of six seasons (all on Netflix), Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars Rebels: “Rebel Assault” Season 4 Episode 7 Review

If this mid-season finale proves anything, it’s that the Rebellion’s eyes in these early stages are far bigger than its stomach, and that also may have been true for Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels: “Crawler Commanders” Season 4 Episode 6 Review

“Crawler Commanders” is undoubtedly the least consequential episode of season four thus far. Following the generally great “Kindred,” that ultimately makes it a bit of a disappointment. Yet, I have to admit,

Star Wars Rebels: “Kindred” Season 4 Episode 5 Review

“Kindred” is easily the best episode of season four so far. Rooted almost entirely in character, this entry injects some much needed mystery into the season, while also establishing a goal for

Star Wars Rebels: “Flight of the Defender” Season 4 Episode 4 Review

Though slightly better than the episode it was paired with this week, “Flight of the Defender” pretty much solidifies season four’s problem thus far, and it’s a problem that’s been with Rebels perhaps even

Star Wars Rebels: “The Occupation” Season 4 Episode 3 Review

After visiting Mandalore and getting more from Saw Gerrera, “The Occupation” brings Rebels home to Lothal. Ezra has been trying to get his surrogate family, and the Rebellion at large, to save his home

Star Wars Rebels: “In the Name of the Rebellion” Season 4 Episode 2 Review

Despite the intention being that “In the Name of the Rebellion” is a double episode, the two halves wildly differ in quality. The first part acts as a more traditional season premiere

Star Wars Rebels: “Heroes of Mandalore” Season 4 Premiere Review

Star Wars Rebels‘ previous two series premieres display excellence not only in telling thrilling Star Wars stories, but re-establishing this specific corner of the universe and projecting where these characters are going to go

2017 Fall TV Preview

As summer movie season ends, fall TV begins, and they are the equivalent of each other in terms of blockbuster rollout. Television blockbusters naturally look a lot different, but this fall is

Star Wars Rebels: “Zero Hour” Season 3 Finale Review

Wow. Star Wars Rebels‘ third season finale was a tight, intense hour that felt like the inverse of Rogue One in a plethora of ways. Make no mistake, Thrawn may have been at least partially