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Transparent Season 4 Review: A Trip Abroad Replaces Fulfilling Introspection

The most interesting thing about Transparent‘s fourth season is the trip to Israel. What that means is that the most interesting thing about this series is no long its stellar filmmaking, innovative writing,

2017 Fall TV Preview

As summer movie season ends, fall TV begins, and they are the equivalent of each other in terms of blockbuster rollout. Television blockbusters naturally look a lot different, but this fall is

Television’s Top 10 LGBT Characters

In our continued celebration of Pride Month, we’re counting down the ten best LGBT characters in television history. In television, characters stay with us longer, allowing us to see them grow and

2017 Golden Globe Predictions Part 2: Television

With 2016 (finally) coming to an end, it’s time for awards season to kick into high gear! This Sunday, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will dole out their picks for the best

Top 10 TV Shows of 2016

The golden age of television clearly isn’t going anywhere. 2016 was another year blossoming with fresh ideas and classic seasons of classic shows. From old favorites to excellent premiere seasons, television was

Transparent Season 3 Review: Finding Better Footing Than Ever

There was a lot of discussion leading up the Emmys last weekend, and even throughout the ceremony, that Transparent was wrongly placed in the comedy categories instead of the drama ones. The greatest irony

2016 Fall TV Preview

Fall TV is right around the corner, bringing with it shows we already love and a bunch of new ones we hope to fall in love with. Being a small operation, we

2016 Golden Globes Predictions Part 2: Television

The Golden Globes might be a stepping stone to the Oscars and the Emmys, but they’re also a pretty great marker for the past year in entertainment. Coming right after New Years and

Top 10 TV Episodes of 2015

You know what our favorite shows were for the year, but now here are our favorite individual episodes that aired in 2015. Not all of them are from shows that made our

Transparent Season 2 Review: Big Baby Steps

From its pitch-perfect premiere to its sobering final shot that beautifully pulls everything together, Transparent season two is something of a marvel. This may be an LGBT piece, but the themes of personal identity,