Catwoman: A Refresher

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Everyone knows who Catwoman is, even those who don’t read comic books. One of Batman’s best and most famous villains, Catwoman has appeared in countless adaptations of Batman lore. Here we are examining the most culturally significant to look at before The Dark Knight Rises so you know all about Selina Kyle before she claws her way on screen once again this Friday.



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Julie Newmar. Lee Meriwether. Eartha Kitt. All three of these women did a great job bringing Catwoman to life considering the era. They all had yarn balls full of fun in the role and made Catwoman one of the few villains who actually holds up today. One surprising thing about the Hathaway’s new take on the character is that the costume mirrors this era more than anything since tone wise they could not be more different.



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Chris Nolan and his team weren’t the only ones who had a knack for casting. Sure, this is the same movie where Danny DeVito somehow makes the Penguin a worse villain than he already was. But one of the biggest questions concerning Anne Hathaway is whether she can possibly top Michelle Pfeifer’s incredible performance in this film. Her chemistry with Michael Keaton set the screen ablaze and made for the most iconic villain from the Burton/Schumacher era.



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Selina Kyle starred in a number of episodes of this classic series, but unlike many reinterpretations the creators did, I have some gripes. This series made Catwoman out to be an animal rights advocate who loves cats. Eh, she’s more of a cat burglar obsessed with stealing who has a cat. The animal rights bit sort of ruined her playful relationship with Batman. Later in the series, they tried to remedy it with mostly positive results. Episodes such as You Scratch My Back and Cult of the Cat featured a much more recognizable Selina.


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Sorry, it has to be mentioned. Halle Berry completely ruined the character in her own solo outing back before Batman Begins could come get everyone excited about DC Comics again. Featuring awful dialogue, a ridiculous story, and some of the worst acting in any superhero film, this film went to the toilet before anyone could say Schumacher. Some fans may find comfort in that this Catwoman’s alter ego isn’t actually Selina Kyle, so she technically wasn’t completely butchered. Technically.


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If you haven’t yet played this game grab a controller. Catwoman fans got a special treat in that actually got to control their favorite femme fatale with her own gadgets and fighting style. How cool is that? The game got down Selina’s attitude perfectly and created a memorable version of the character, despite some bad dialogue. In the grand scheme of things, Catwoman didn’t really play that big of a role in the overall game’s story, but playing as her was fun as hell and there is always the sequel.


What is your favorite interpretation of Catwoman so far? Do you think Anne Hathaway can live up to it? Sound off below!

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