Check Out the First Trailer For the Latest 007 Film Spectre!

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The 24th James Bond movie has gotten a trailer, and it’s a bit different from what you’d expect.

Aside from the rare continuity reference here and there, the half-a-century running franchise has mostly released films that barely acknowledge other Bond movies. Well, Spectre looks to be different.

This first trailer features a number of references to 2012’s Skyfall, which very quickly rose to a legendary status reserved for only the best Bond films. Apparently, James has a leftover secret from those events, and we see him traveling back to his childhood home where Skyfall‘s climax took place.

Then there’s the return of Mr. White (Jasper Christenesen), a figure from the Quantum organization who escaped MI6 custody in Quantum of Solace. It seems Daniel Craig’s movies have all been building to Spectre.

The trailer doesn’t reveal too much of the new cast, though we do get a villainous voiceover from Christoph Waltz before the classic Bond theme plays.

Spectre hits theaters November 6. Check out the trailer below!


By Matt Dougherty

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