Chevy Chase to Leave Community!

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After more than a few controversies under Dan Harmon and the new showrunners, Chevy Chase will exit NBC’s Community after the fourth season.

Reports are coming in that Chase will appear in 11 of the 13 episodes next season, including the season finale.

The critically acclaimed cult comedy was supposed to return in mid October in a dreaded Friday night timeslot. But once NBC figured out their fall schedule, canceling Animal Practice and replacing it with Whitney, Community was delayed until February 7.

Chase has been a notorious problem on set. He supposedly walked out during the end of production of the third season, causing an all too public feud between him and Harmon that may have had a little something to do with the latter’s firing.

But even under the new showrunners Chase made headlines using the n-word early in production of the fourth season.

I guess the producers finally said that the Vacation star was doing more harm than good for the show.

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