Community: Basic Human Anatomy Season 4 Episode 11 Review

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In a surprising twist, the most dramatic episode of Community is also best of the season so far.

The real genius of Basic Human Anatomy was that it was able to capture something that the show has been struggling with for quite some time: a balance between its genre-heavy humor and its unique character development.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was certainly a welcome relief from the strained episodes of the past few weeks.

Things begin normally enough with the gang beginning work on yet another group project.  During their discussion, it gets brought up that it’s Troy and Britta’s one year anniversary from when they first started dating.  Has it really been that long?  Troy and Britta didn’t even remember.  What Troy did remember, however, was his three year anniversary of the first time he watched Freaky Friday with Abed.  The two attempt to recreate the body-switching scene by putting their hands on the same DVD and spinning around in circles.  It doesn’t work.  Or does it?

The next day, Troy wakes up to find he isn’t himself.  As he rushes to find Abed, it turns out he isn’t feeling the same either.  This is easily the best part of the episode, as the perennial BFFs do great impersonations of each other.  Donald Glover and Danny Pudi do an excellent job on emphasizing the  mannerisms and colloquialisms of each other’s characters.  Of course, the body switch does make Troy and Britta’s anniversary date a little…awkward.

It quickly becomes clear that there was no Freaky Friday-esque switch.  Though Troy is using a classic Abed trope. As Britta goes on her date with Abed (who’s supposed to be Troy) she realizes he’s using the bit to deflect from reality.  He doesn’t want to deal with the fact that he doesn’t think their relationship is working.  This is an understandable thing to be afraid of, but it also kind of came out of left field.  Troy and Britta are on the rocks?  I mean, I guess it makes sense, but there’s been no previous mention that they were having any trouble.  In fact, there’s been very little of their relationship in this season at all.

Meanwhile, Troy (who’s supposed to be Abed) helps Jeff look for the DVD he and Abed held so they can reverse the switch.  This is only after Jeff buys a new copy and tries to get The Dean to pass it off as the original.  What follows is a hilarious subplot in which The Dean pretends to have switched bodies with Jeff.  Not only does he wonderfully embody the Greendale Seven’s de facto leader, he ends up unwittingly attracting the attention of Annie as well.  Watching her swoon over someone who looks absolutely nothing like Jeff was pretty hysterical.

Speaking of Jeff, what was going on with him tonight?  Annoyed from the start at Troy and Abed’s Freaky Friday obsession, he seemed angrier and more frustrated than usual.  I get that he just wanted to finish the group project and leave, but after three and a half seasons of harebrained schemes and ridiculous shenanigans, shouldn’t he be used to this kind of stuff by now?  Then, when Troy finally admits the real reason he’s acting like Abed, he suddenly turns into the sympathetic friend.  It all rang very false.  For an episode about body switching, he was the only one who seemed truly out of character.

The episode ended with a truly heartwarming scene between Troy and Britta.  Once he’s finally able to confront her, the two have an honest and mature discussion and decide to just be friends.  Their embrace in the study room was sad, but it also had an air of hope to it.  These two are going to be just fine.  You know who won’t, though?  Pierce.  The man was barely in the episode at all.  I’m starting to see why Chevy Chase threw so many onset tantrums.  Still, even with the many hiccups that came with tonight’s Community, I feel that it is definitely back on the right track.  Grade: B+

By Mike Papirmeister

One Response to Community: Basic Human Anatomy Season 4 Episode 11 Review

  1. Dani says:

    Troy and Britta were a horrible couple to begin with. Troy doesn’t even seem interested in girls. I don’t think he could have shown less interest in her if he tried. I’m glad that they broke up, but I really dislike the way that he went about breaking up with her. That was a pretty craven thing to do. Britta handled the break up well.

    Other things from this episode worth mentioning are that Troy did an excellent job imitating Abed. Abed’s impersonation of Troy, on the other hand, was completely lackluster. The dean and Jeff were great as usual, especially their little back and forth bit at the end. Finally, Pierce was quite lovely in this episode.

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