‘Community: Basic Lupine Urology’ Review

This week, Community took on the legal thriller Law and Order with marvellous accuracy.

The Greendale study group are called to the Biology Lab late at night with mildly shocking news. Apparently, the yam that the group had been growing for a class assignment has been dropped and squashed. What follows is a high-pace legal investigation as Troy and Abed try their hardest to find the perpetrator before the study group receives an F.

The show not only comes across as a perfect clone of a Law and Order plot – with graphics, theme tune, and signature “bum-bum” sound included – but it also perfectly captures
the tone of the legal thriller. Each punchline is delivered with po-faced deadpan, with tongue placed firmly in cheek.

It was also fantastic to see some of the more minor bit parts of the show appear. So often in Community’s “themed” episodes do we see characters like Starburns, Magnitude, and Fat Neil shoved to the side. However, they all have their own vital parts to play in this episode – and it was so great to see some more development of the Fat Neil and Vicki storyline.

The ending of the show might come as a shock to some – it’s the first time we’ve seen the actual death of a main character in the show. However, Joel McHale had mentioned in an interview that a recurring male character would meet his doom – and I must say I’m relieved that it was…uh…you know who.

This was another effortless spoof by the Community. It makes you wonder, is there anything that they can’t do? So far they’ve done parodies of documentaries, movies, the History channel, and many more. The flexibility of the crew continues to amaze. Flawless. (10/10)

ps. just realized the episode title is a parody of Dick Wolf’s (Law and Order creator) name. That one had me puzzled for a second.

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