‘Community: Course Listing Unavailable’ Review

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This week’s Community began the story arc that will likely finish up the season over the last few episodes.

First off, my condolences to the friends and family of Star Burns. The character has been with us from the beginning and he will be missed. Course Listing Available began with a hysterical video left from Star Burns from the grave, instructing Abed to create his tribute.

After that, Britta tried to console the group with psychology before being interrupted by the dean announcing that the study group would all receive incompletes in their biology course. Naturally this caused anger amongst the group, especially Jeff who was not willing to give up his summer. The first part of the episode, up until the speeches at Star Burns’ service, was pretty slow, but it had enough laughs to keep us going until the surprising and exciting ending.

The dean signed Chang’s form to let him basically do whatever he wants with his band of pre-teen…uh…warriors once the service got out of hand with hatred for Greendale. What followed was hilarious as Chang basically began taking over the school. He brought in an imposter for the dean and sucked up enough to the people who can expel students, causing the study group to all be expelled.

The final sequence showed are group, no longer students at Greendale, contemplating their future (I loved Abed’s reference to the possible other timelines). This plot has a lot of potential and with only four episodes left, we should get an awesome end to this season of Community. (8/10)


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