‘Community: Curriculum Unavailable’ Review

Photo Credit: http://www.buddytv.com/community.aspx

Community gave us another fake clip show, but this one had a fantastic twist so as to keep things fresh, something the show has always done brilliantly.

The plot had to do with  Abed’s craziness being stranger than usual and being forced to see a shrink. Naturally, everyone went with him, showing once more that these guys are far more than a study group by now.

Once Curriculum Unavailable brought on the fake clips things got hysterical fast. This type of episode is actually incredibly clever and never feels like the cop out that many other shows do for their clip shows. The clips were fantastic as we saw brief snippets of Abed being crazy, then the rest of the gang being crazy, then the Dean being crazy. You know, things we see on Community every week. By far the best clip however was the noir paintball clip, largely because this would be AWESOME!

But then the episode took a twist as we were told that Greendale was all a dream that they all conjured up to deal with their own problems. The clip reel that rolled after that was probably the closest Community will ever get to an actual clip show. But instead of showing actual clips, we got references to classics from the past as if they were in an insane asylum.

Of course this was not true but it was great how the gang realized it. Next week we get three episodes, the last being the season finale. Today also brought news that Community has been renewed for a 13 episode fourth and final season. Good/bad news… (9/10)


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