‘Community: Digital Estate Planning’ Review

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Community is a show filled with experimental episodes. While most of them work, this was an example of one of the few that did not

Digital Estate Planning worked to give closure on Pierce’s father, but other than that it was a pretty weak entry in this otherwise great season. While it was amusing at first to see the study group completely re-animated as retro video game characters, the rest of the episode did not maintain that momentum.

The video game style was simply boring. It truly feels like a missed opportunity that the writers just failed to really get moving. The characters’ interactions while in the video game just felt so arbitrary. The writers seemed to be more interested in the style than the writing for this episode.

What was truly disappointing, however, was how boring the style itself was. I feel like they could have included so many more video game cliches or had far more outrageous animations. Of course, it was supposed to be a bad video game, but I keep thinking of the classic episode of South Park where they entered World of Warcraft. They are completely different shows but that is a prime example of how to make an episode out of a video game.

At least we got a solid ending though. Pierce finally got closure on his father’s death and found out he has a brother. It was a nice way to tie things together despite the troublesome style. Hopefully the next two episodes can finish out the season on a much stronger note than this one. (6/10)

2 Responses to ‘Community: Digital Estate Planning’ Review

  1. George Thatcher says:

    Could not disagree more. This episode was hilarious and played off the theme perfectly. The scene where Annie and Shirley kill the blacksmith and his wife and burn down their house. Abed’s army of children. On par with the South Park episode, which is one of my favorite of that wonderful series.

  2. Mako says:

    I have to second Mr. Thatcher in disagreement with your review. Of course you may find the style boring but it’s correlation to the season’s storyline and it’s tackling of the videogame concept was spot on. The hilarity of the interactions with all the characters was great. And any videogame lover like myself enjoys their tackling of the 8-bit style of original gaming as opposed to today’s modern style, hell, it should be produced into a game. You should have payed attention to all the mechanics they incorporated (maxing out trust levels with a character to gain perks, brilliant!). The momentum slowed down to give that heart warming moment towards the end, but it didn’t once disappoint me.

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