‘Community: Digital Exploration of Interior Design’ Review

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After a couple of, well, let’s call them “warm-up” episodes, Community is looking exciting again.

This episode saw Shirley, Pierce, and Britta working together – a strange team, I know – to take down the Subway store that just opened up on campus. The store is represented by a student who has completely sold out his name and identity to the sandwich chain – a smiling, combed-over, portrait of contractual morality. The group decide to have Britta have sex with Subway (the guy) and take down the store that way. Obviously, this gets complicated when they fall in love.

The episode was full of hilarious references to Orwell’s 1984, as Subway and Britta struggle through bureaucratic loopholes in corporate personhood. It was great to finally see Britta have some actual plot thrown her way. It’s sad to see her relegated to being the dunce of the group when she formed the foundation of the first season.

Meanwhile, the seeds of a second blanket fort episode were sown, when Troy and Abed begin building a pillow fort together. However, seeds of dissent are sown by the dean of Greendale’s air conditioner repair annex, who is still after Troy. The pair split up, Troy building a blanket fort, Abed continuing with his pillow fort. Like Highlander, there can be only one.

Last week I complained about the developing drama between Abed and Troy. Well, after this episode, I take it all back. Troy and Abed’s strange quasi-romantic relationship has always been a stable bedrock of the series, but after two and a half seasons I suppose it’s time to shake it up. The development, or I suppose destruction, of the pair’s relationship was done superbly in this episode. John Goodman makes for a fantastic manipulator.

It’s probably worth mentioning that it’s a pleasure to see that the random, arbitrary graphics that plagued the last couple of episodes have been nixed. The sudden cuts to strange expanding apple graphics just didn’t seem to fit with the overall style of the show.

I’m ecstatic to see the show starting to pick up pace again, and I just can’t wait to see what happens with the forts. (9/10)

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