‘Community: Introduction to Finality’ Review: The End is Upon Us

Troy has an interesting time at the Air Conditioning university, but it seems that other storylines are crudely shoehorned in in tonight’s Community finale.

There is an dispute between Pierce and Shirley over the ownership of the company. The Dean, freshly reinstated, declares that the disagreement will be settled in Greendale court. Meanwhile, Troy finds something to be amiss at the air-conditioning repair school, and Abed’s psyche fractures, sending him into a crisis of identity which causes him to play the part of “evil Abed”

I love the amazing sense of epicness that is bequeathed upon the air conditioning school. We’ve seen glimpses of how well funded they are in comparison to the regular college, but this episode bars no holds on the absurdity. The AC annex takes on the strange air of a cult, complete with Holy Books, giant traditional halls, and gladiatorial battles of will.

Abed gets “treated” by Britta for his personality issues, but his therapy seems to only lead to him adopting the personality of “Evil Abed.” While it was definitely hysterical to see Abed storming the halls of Greendale, sporting sunglasses and popping children’s balloons, it didn’t really seem to lend too much to the episode or to his character as a hole.

Jeff’s section of the storyline was the poorest of the three, in my opinion. His ending speech, especially, seemed to be really preachy and out-of-character for Jeff especially. I understand that it’s meant to show how Greendale has “changed” the narcissistic lawyer, but I just didn’t find it to be believable at all.

Seguing from that point, The ending montage seemed a little bit too desperate to pack in too much resolution. It almost seemed that, with all the strife between NBC and Community, not to mention between Chevy Chase and Dan Harmon, the writers were unsure whether they would get a chance to resolve the plot threads and character lines. However, it just leaves the ending feeling really muddled. Still though, the overall strength of the episode nets it a 7/10

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