‘Community: Origins of Vampire Mythology’ Review

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This week we got a very cute episode of Community as we delved deeper into some of the potential romances the show has hinted at in the past.

Firstly, I have to apologize for how late this review is. Everyone here at The Filtered Lens was on a much deserved spring break so we missed most of our shows late last week and Community is just one of the last we are catching up on. Anywho, Origins of Vampire Mythology revolved around Britta’s ex-boyfriend, a carnie named Blade, coming back into town and her being unable to resist going back to him.

I loved the opening scene where the study group cracked up at everything Britta was telling them. The whole cast genuinely feels like family that we get to have dinner with once a week. From there the group mostly split up.

Annie, Troy, and Abed try to keep Britta from calling her ex by taking her phone and trapping her in their apartment. The funniest moment of the episode came when Annie had to imitate Blade after replacing her number with his, followed by asking everyone else to make carnival noises in the background. A weird addition to this side of the episode was Dean Pelton, who continues to try and lure Troy over the Air Conditioning Repair Annex. It didn’t really add or detract anything from the episode, it was just sort of there. But perhaps the biggest, and surprisingly subtle, part was Troy’s affections for Britta coming into fruition to a few people in the group, including, judging by that smile, Britta herself. Where could this be going?

The other main storyline took place at the carnival where Blade was working where Jeff and Shirley tried to find out what made Blade so great in the first place. I enjoyed that Jeff was jealous in the same episode that Troy was. What all this is leading to should be pretty great. A side plot at the carnival saw Pierce and Chang briefly becoming best friends. I am no fan of Chang, but this part of the episode did have some funny moments.

Origins of Vampire Mythology was not really a classic or anything like last week’s Pillows and Blankets, but it helped to move the romantic plot forward, something we rarely see on the show that occasionally is a nice touch. (8/10)

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