‘Community: Pillows and Blankets’ Review

After a week of tense waiting, viewers finally got a conclusion to the fierce blanket-fort battle between Troy and Abed. And it’s brilliant.

The episode takes the format of a war documentary, of the ilk that would often be shown on the History Channel before they got too involved with aliens and the prophecies of Nostradamus. All in all, this style is a welcome break for the show, which has been a little light on the parody recently. Community has always excelled when it changes format – the two Abed documentaries were spectacularly done, as were the numerous film parodies the show has done.

After the climactic end to the last episode, in which the fraying Troy/Abed exploded in a battle of pillows and blankets, the conflict has escalated to the point of all-out war. Troy and Abed carry out a smorgasbord of military maneuvers against one another, while Jeff is talked into trying to sort the whole thing out. Brita takes worthless photographs of the whole debacle.

The show also features Pierce Hawthorne in a huge pillow exoskeleton, while Chang and his child army from two episodes ago form a guerrilla group known as the “Changlorious basterds.” While seeming completely absurd, both these elements fit perfectly into the tone of the show – patently silly content narrated in a completely stern voice.

All in all, it was great to see a positive ending to the whole conflict. (9/10)

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