‘Community: Virtual Systems Analysis’ Review

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On tonight’s Community, everyone manages to get below Abed’s skin. Even Annie.

As the group crams for a last-minute Biology exam, the Dean comes in with some great news – the Bio class has been canceled. The group now has the whole day to spare, and go their separate ways to spend it how they choose. Annie negotiates that Troy and Britta end up going out to lunch alone, while she spends the afternoon in Abed’s “dreamatorium.”

This particular episode focuses on Abed and Annies interactions, though, and the chemistry between the two is excellent. Annie accidentally “breaks” Abed while trying help him consider other people and messing with the “dreamatorium’s inner workings” – a bunch of Kleenex boxes. Anney journey’s into Abed’s fantasies to try and rescue everyone’s favorite introvert.

This isn’t the first time the show has tried to get inside Abed’s head – the claymotion Christmas episode during season 2-ish made a pretty good shot at it, and was received really well by critics, though I didn’t particularly care for it. This episode, though, seemed to make a deeper attempt at uncovering Abed’s psyche, and seemed a little more “personal” to Abed’s character.

This episode makes further use of on-screen graphics, usuallly used to show Abed transitioning from playing one character or another. Unlike the “Jeff’s Ego” episode near the beginning of this season, though, they actually work quite well, though they are still occasionally tiresome.

I’m personally not a “shipper,” as I believe the Community, uh, community calls them. I couldn’t really care less about the characters’ love lives, and personally wish there were more jokes rather than protracted ponderings over the cliched “will they, won’t they” paradigm. It’s encouraging to me, then, that this episode seems to promise an end to the sexual tension between the two couples in the group.

Still though, it was fantastic to have a more personal episode, though it may have gotten a bit sappy at times (8/10)

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