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3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Joe Crouch says:

    I’m an indie film-maker looking to get some publicity in the form of reviews for my first feature film. It’s a screw-ball comedy with heart called “Assisted Fishing”
    An unemployed loser wants to beat his arch-rival in a big fishing tournament, but he lacks the tournament’s entrance fee.
    When opportunity knocks, he takes a job watching over seven eccentric seniors at a run-down assisted living home.
    When he take everyone out on his boat, comedy ensues – tragedy strikes – and he discovers that his hopes and dreams of winning the fishing tournament may not be the most important thing in life after all.

    The film was in 8 film festivals in 2012
    It won “Best Comedy Feature” at the American Independent Film festival in Beverly Hills, CA
    It won “Best Editing” at the Sunset Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA
    It won “The Golden Ace Award” at the Las Vegas Film Festival
    It won “The Diamond Award” at the California Film Awards.
    It also did very well in the south – premiering at the Macon Film Festival in Macon, GA
    and played to enthusiastic audiences at The Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa, FL
    and the Ft. Myers Beach Film Festival in Ft Myers Beach, FL.

    The film was written, produced and directed by me, self-financed at a cost of only $50,000. I’m self distributing the film – its currently available for purchase from the movie’s website at
    or from Amazon at

    If you enjoy some of the sillier comedy movies of the 80’s, then this may be something you would enjoy. It’s been compared to Meatballs and Caddyshacks in terms of the tone of the comedy.
    If you’re willing to do a review for your blog, I’ll send you a copy of the film.

    Joe Crouch

  2. Joel says:

    Not posting on Star Wars: Rebels??

    • Matt Dougherty says:

      Once it gets a release date and we see a trailer I have a feeling we’ll cover it. The people behind it are really talented so it has potential to be something really special. I suppose the reason I didn’t post about the announcement was because I’m still bitter about Clone Wars being cancelled 🙂

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