Dan Harmon Officially Returning for Community Season 5

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It’s official human beings, Dan Harmon himself confirmed today that he will be returning for the fifth (and final?) season of Community.

Tweeting about the potential for it earlier today, a fan finally said “GIVE US A STRAIGHT ANSWER!”, to which Harmon replied “Yes yes yes! I’m back I’m back I’m back. You can thank [Joel McHale],” with a tweet.

Ever since NBC renewed Community for a fifth season in the eleventh hour of up fronts, speculation has run amuck that series creator would return after being fired before the fourth season.

He was fired after a very public dispute between himself and Chevy Chase, a star of the show who was written off (sort of) at the end of season four. Chase had always been upfront about his displeasure with the series and its sense of humor.

But now with Chase gone, NBC decided to invite Harmon back after the poor critical reception of season four.

As of now, Community‘s fifth season will comprise of 13 episodes set to air in spring 2014. It is unclear whether, but many speculate, it will be the last season.

Stay tuned human beings…

By Matt Dougherty

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