Details on ‘Arkham City’ Sequel Emerge! Justice League?!

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Fascinating details have come into play about the inevitable sequel to the best Batman game ever, Arkham City.

The first thing that will have fans salivating is the supposed inclusion of the Justice League in the game. Being that not one of the other DC heroes has gotten a mention in the previous two games, this may upset some.

However, the game is also a prequel. What if this story showed us why the Justice League isn’t present in Batman’s current life. We all know he sure could have used Superman’s help when Protocol 10 was happening.

Another tantalizing detail is that the game will be inspired by the Silver Age of comics. That is a significant departure from the dark, even haunting tone of the last two. Can’t say I’m doing a little bit of “What are they thinking?” on this one.

The last tidbit we got was that the story will show the first encounter between Batman and the Joker. While this is certainly the most significant event in the Bruce Wayne’s life aside from his parents’ death, the Joker’s death in Arkham City was just so perfect and felt like closure. Does this prequel rob us of some really great story opportunities in what would happen after Arkham City? Yeah, probably…

All these new developments are indeed interesting, but do they spell out another great game to this franchise? Time will tell but for now, I’m skeptical.

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