Emmys Reaction! Disappointments, Surprises and More!

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The most prestigious awards in television are over and we have some bones to pick with the academy…

But let’s start with the positive, HBO’s Sarah Palin movie, Game Change, swept many of the Miniseries/Movie categories! The film won best overall miniseries or movie as well as awards for writing, directing and Julianne Moore’s breathtaking performance. And when they lost, they lost for good reasons. I did not see Hatfields & McCoys but Tom Berenger and Kevin Costner are both great actors. Also, no one stood a chance against Jessica Lange who was stunning in American Horror Story. Overall, this part of the awards, which usually is a dud, had many of the best moments of the night.

Now we are going to talk about drama. Homeland won all the big awards, with the rest being split by Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey and Breaking Bad. The latter two I will admit I have not seen, but Boardwalk Empire has never impressed me all that much and while Homeland certainly is good it was not better than the incredible second season of Game of Thrones. Not winning a single major award is a tad insulting! This also marks the first year that Mad Men didn’t win a single major award. Understandable, but still sad. With two seasons left, I just hope the voters don’t forget to recognize Jon Hamm in the future.

And finally, comedy. Anyone else feel like this Emmys was a big commercial for Modern Family. Season three was not their best, but the nominations and awards in all comedy categories were a bit baffling to me as it was. I didn’t realize that Two and a Half Men was still relevant. But the two biggest blows to me were that Girls did not win a single thing and that Amy Poehler lost. Those last couple episodes of Parks and Recreation last year featured her best work and now I fear she will never win. I will say I was very pleased to see Louie get recognized for writing.

You know its a bad Emmy when you are only satisfied with the results in the Miniseries or Movie categories. The comedy voters need to get a little smarter. As do those who keep making Jon Hamm lose. But there is always next year.

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