Fall TV Preview Part 1: Returning Shows

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Summer is over and that means that all your favorite shows will be starting up again! Here at The Filtered Lens we will be covering nine returning shows. Some are entering their final seasons and some are just hitting their second. No matter what the show we are so excited to start reviewing some of our old favorites again. Here is a preview of all the returning shows we will be covering, and all the dates you have to look out for them.



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Returning for its ninth and final season, The Office sees the return of Greg Daniels, the original showrunner through season four. Hopefully this will bring the show back to its roots since the serious dip in quality after Michael Scott left. Now, even more characters are leaving. Kelly, Ryan, and Toby are gone right off the bat and Dwight is leaving for his spinoff midway through the season. Despite that however, I have a feeling this show can give fans a proper sendoff. (Sept. 20th)


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The last couple episodes of last season were among my favorites. Leslie winning the election was incredibly emotional and will likely lead to some very interesting things in season five. So far we know that at least one episode will take place in Washington D.C. and that John McCain, and a few others, will make a cameo. That alone is worth checking out. But with Greg Daniels back with The Office for the season, will Parks and Recreation still hold up? My bet is yes. (Sept. 20th)


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Last season wasn’t nearly as good as the first two, but with the finale shed light on some potential stories for season four. For one Gloria is pregnant! With this cast that can only lead to great things. Even though the show saw a dip in quality last year it was still very good. Season four with all this potential should be a return to form, or it will at least be as good as it was last season. Still respectable. (Sept. 26th)


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South Park does everything backward. Right now we are in the middle of season sixteen, which will end in November. With the election coming up and a lot of stuff for them to make fun of from the summer, I expect this show will be back to its old self. Afterall, in the first half of the season we got the fantastic episode Butterballs which dealt with bullying. It was the best episode in years and hopefully it will hit its stride once again. (Sept. 26th)


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Based on every preview and the way everyone talks about it, season five is going to be the best. Starting off with a lot of Darth Maul, we are also being teased with Mandalorians and Republic Commandos. Awesome. As we head closer to Revenge of the Sith, this show has only improved, and I have no doubt that this will be the best year yet. (Sept. 29th)


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NBC’s second final season show is expected to end in 2012 with just thirteen episodes. Are we excited? Oh yes, very. Season six was definitely the show’s worst, but that doesn’t mean it was bad. These writers are smart enough to send this show off right, no matter how many episodes they get. Rumor has it this season will deal heavily with Liz becoming a mother. I cannot wait to see how everything wraps up for her, and Jack, and Tracy, and Jenna. (Oct. 4th)


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Season 2 of FX’s anthology series American Horror Story debuts in October with a new cast, new characters, new location, and brand new story. Set in an insane asylum, creator Ryan Murphy is taking a much different direction this season without any ghosts, the main focus of season 1. Jessica Lange returns, and with an all star cast of guest stars including Adam Levine and Chloe Sevigny, the second season, though it has a lot to live up to, looks very promising. (Oct. 17th)
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I’m very worries about this show. With Dan Harmon fired and NBC moving it to Fridays, life could be short for Community. But its at least worth checking out because if it is half as good as it was then something is still being done right. The whole cast will be back, after we questioned the return of Chevy Chase last spring. We have been promised a few things. Jeff will meet his father this season. We will also get to go to an “Inspector Spacetime” convention with Troy and Abed. With only thirteen episodes we can only hope it will be as good as it once was. (Oct. 19th)
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Season seven had some of the best episodes of the show yet, something very few shows that survive seven seasons can say. So what do we expect from season eight? More greatness. This series shows no sign of slowing down. The cast continues to be perfect. This show is as funny as ever. Now they just need to give us a premiere date! (Oct. TBD)
If you watch any of these shows be sure to look for reviews right here! And stay tuned for part two of this feature tomorrow where we preview the pilots we will be covering.

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