Falling Skies: A More Perfect Union Review

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Falling Skies ended its great second season with an exciting finale that actually delivered on action and emotion. Well done.

Last week was my favorite episode of Falling Skies because of the conflicts between the people. This week was not better but it was the best episode with an alien centered plot (second best ever to last week’s). The finale started off with the exciting arrival of the Skitter rebellion and Ben. The conversation between “Red Eye” and Tom was great as it carried real weight. It felt like a meeting that the whole season has been building to.

After that, the episode slowed down for a bit with the general not wanted to let the 2nd Mass complete their mission. It felt a little forced to have the general change sides so quickly after the events of last week’s episode. It was also revealed that Anne is pregnant with Tom’s child. The plot meandered a bit as the 2nd Mass tried to get out of Charleston.

But once they did, wow! The action inside the enemies base was exciting. Karen and the Overlord torturing the 2nd Mass was some of the darkest stuff the show has done. But just in time, the Skitter rebellion showed up. Awesome. Red Eye and Tom together took down the Overlord. But sadly Red Eye was killed. It’s a risky move to kill the leader of the rebellion so quickly, but now we know they are a force to be reckoned with.

The final moments did a great job of leaving us in agony throughout the credits. Hal has one of those gross bug things in his head. Tom and Anne are excited about the baby. A mysterious new alien force landed on the planet. There is a lot to be excited for next summer but for now let us revel in this excellent finale to a much improved season. (9/10)

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