Falling Skies: Compass Review

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A lot happened this week on Falling Skies and that’s a good thing.

Poor Jimmy, we hardly knew you. One of the youngest soldiers’ death at the 2nd Mass was an effective way to show how this season has already set a much darker tone than its predecessor. It was the biggest moment in the episode by far, in an episode full of big moments. My only qualm is that the young actor who plays Ben, Connor Jessup, is pretty terrible. His scene with Weaver fell pretty flat as he attempted to cry.

Luckily the whole episode didn’t rely on Ben. Instead we got our first great storyline with Pope this season. His interactions with Tom this week were the best parts of the episode. The tension was built early and effectively as Pope and his berserkers captured Tom and told him to walk away or die. It was a bit surprising that Tom refused as Pope actually has a good point. But as a compromise Weaver and Tom agreed that Tom would join the berserkers.

After Jimmy’s death, tensions exploded between Tom and Pope as the latter mocked the young boy’s death, causing Tom to attack him. In a fight that really could have gone either way, I was happy to see Tom prevail. I love Pope but man he needed to get it. So Pope left the 2nd Mass. Hopefully he’ll return soon.

Another smaller plotline this episode dealt with a woman coming in to try and convince the 2nd Mass to go to Charleston. Could she be a potential love interest for Weaver? That could certainly be a good subplot. Luckily Weaver decided to go, a move that will shake things up from the norm as the season progresses.

Compass was a good episode of Falling Skies and easily the best of the season yet. Hopefully this trend will continue and this show can elevate itself to greatness. (8/10)

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