Falling Skies: Death March Review

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Driving, driving, and more driving made up this week’s lackluster episode.

You know when you are on a long car ride and nothing interesting is happening but you are really excited about where you are going? That was Death March. The idea of getting to Charleston is an exciting one, but this was the longest TV car ride I have ever been on. So little new ground was covered. Nothing felt important in the build up. Luckily the writers were still able to pull off a nice ending to at least lift this episode to mediocrity. As opposed to being bad, like most of it was.

One potential realm of excitement came with the appearance of a harnessed girl who Matt bonded with. But to be honest the whole thing felt pretty pointless. It felt like a reminder that  the Skitter rebellion was a thing rather than any development of it. I do have to say, however, that the writers have done a fantastic job this year making the enemy far more human.

Another story was Maggie and Hal’s trip down south with Pope as Maggie had to tell Hal her complicated past. All of the character development felt pretty pointless. Maggie’s past could have just as easily been left as ambiguous. But what made it worse was Hal’s reaction. “I just need to think”. Oh shut up, we all know how this is going to turn out for you two.

Other than that we had Weaver talking to his driver, who randomly got a lot of character development. His story as a former soldier in the Iraq War was nice but again it didn’t feel all that necessary. The writers really need to find some subtlety to this show.

At leas the end was good. After finally arriving at Charleston it appeared to be nothing. I have to admit they got me here. I felt pretty down for the 2nd Mass. but luckily it turned out to be a more underground movement as we learned by the members of the army emerging with Hal and the others to greet the 2nd Mass. Finally! These guys needed a pick-me-up.

Death March was easily the worst episode of the season and quite possibly ever. But at least next week looks great. Only two episodes left! (5/10)

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