Falling Skies: Homecoming Review

Photo Credit: http://www.threeifbyspace.net/2012/07/whats-ahead-falling-skies-homecoming/

Falling Skies continues its hot streak with an emotionally charged episode, even if it was a little light on action.

One thing it seems this show has enjoyed doing recently is doing a story with Tom, Ann, and the grown ups, and then a story with Hal, Ben, and the kids. It works really well to show all the different sides of the 2nd Mass while keeping the main characters in focus.

Homecoming saw the return of Karen. Ben was rightfully suspicious as she was formerly harnessed. Meanwhile, Hal and Maggie struggled to forget their connection while dealing with the return of Hal’s old girlfriend. This story was seriously charged and featured all of the week’s best moments. Maggie and Karen’s standoff was just so cool even if it did end a bit too quickly for my tastes. But Karen could make a for a great villain in the episodes to come. Her and Ben running off together should lead to some great stories as well.

On the grown ups side Weaver was having some problems with aliens taking over his bloodstream. How this happened is a fascinating mystery. We also saw the return of Pope this week (whoo-hoo!). Unfortunately his message was delivered a little too late.

Overall, Homecoming lacked the action of a lot of other episodes, but it was one of the most emotionally satisfying entries yet as it told a great story. (8/10)

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