Falling Skies: Love and Other Acts of Courage Review

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Here we are half way through the second season already, and I have to say this show has gone through a heavy improvement over last year.

Love and Other Acts of Courage had two great stories being told throughout it. It featured an interesting twist on the skitters and some major development on a love connection a long time coming. The twists and turns have kept coming this season and with no signs of slowing down.

The biggest thing that will have fans talking this week is the supposed skitter rebellion taking place within the alien ranks. It seems that the skitters at one point faced the same fate as we have. I also loved how a recognizable skitter character has made its way onto the show. That one red eye is appropriately freaky, but also pretty badass if it were to become a hero. Ben’s devotion to the skitter rebellion is a good side plot. It was nice seeing Tom actually get angry for once at Ben (that kid is so annoying).

Elsewhere among the 2nd Mass, love was in the air! Hal and Maggie have always had sexual tension, but it was always playful, never serious. That changed tonight in a surprisingly good romance plot for this show. Maybe it is because Maggie is one of the coolest characters on the show. I hope we see more of these two together in the future.

This was a great episode to send us into the second half of the season. Characters’ relationships are both strengthening and waning across the board and this new skitter rebellion is a fascinating direction for this show to take. Come on, it would be so cool to see humans and skitters fighting mechs and their leaders. Falling Skies is slowly finding its footing as a series that relies on sci-fi elements to tell its story. Well done, again. (8.5/10)

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