Falling Skies: Molon Labe Review

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This action packed, pulse pounding episode was the best entry of the season so far.

Molon Labe was perhaps the most exciting episode of the show yet (though not as smart and emotional as last season’s standout Mutiny). It started with a great battle between the 2nd Mass and the aliens as they tracked down Ben and Karen. The fact that the 2nd Mass managed to capture an Overlord was awesome. Shortly after Tom managed to take out a mech in an appropriately badass manner.

It didn’t stop there as Anne, her assistant, and Matt found themselves trapper in a destroyed building with a new kind of enemy. These little bug like aliens that crawled out of another member of the 2nd Mass’ mouth was incredibly terrifying. This makes the second time this season that Falling Skies has had me squirming in front of my TV screen (the first being when they pulled that thing off of Tom’s eye). I was happy to see Matt rise as a hero during this sequence. The same goes for Pope who I am glad to see on the good side again.

The second half of the episode was less action packed but featured some of the best drama on the series yet. That conversation between Tom and the captured Overlord talking through Ben was one of my favorite scenes yet. Falling Skies has done a wonderful job this season making the aliens better villains.

The ending was a nice lead in as we head into the end of the season. Ben is going off to find the Skitter revolt against the Overlords while the 2nd Mass has hit the road to Charleston. Only three episodes remain in the season (although there isn’t one next week) and it seems to just keep getting better. Molon Labe is a standout of the season so far and hopefully the momentum will be kept up as it closes out. (8.5/10)

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