Falling Skies Season 2 Review

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What was once a lukewarm attempt at science fiction television became an exciting epic in its second season.

Right from the beginning the improvements were prevalent on this season of Falling Skies, and it only got better from there. All of the surviving members of the 2nd Mass were back and ready for more.

The action was the first major step up I noticed this season. Right off the bat the cinematography was grittier, allowing for these small conflicts with the aliens to become that much more real. The special effects improved a lot too. The skitters look a lot more polished this season. You can see that the show uses every last cent of its budget.

But the storytelling was much improved as well. The relationship that blossomed between Tom and Anne was good, but romantically this season belonged to Hal and Maggie, the latter of which became one of the best parts of the show.

Aside from the romance the aliens had a lot up their sleeves this year as well. Several new creations made us question our trust in several of the protagonists. Ben played a much larger role this season both while with the 2nd Mass and without them.

The biggest storyarcs of the season were the rumored Skitter rebellion and the 2nd Mass’ journey to Charleston. Both of these wrapped up incredibly well in the final two episodes of the season, which I would argue are the two best ever for the show. All of this was far more compelling than the stories last season as they made us question our protagonists, the human society as a whole, and the villainous role of the aliens.

Of course, Falling Skies still falls short of being great television as it suffers from a few issues still from last season. The acting in some major roles is still not nearly as good as it could be. Anne and Ben both suffer from having bad actors behind them. But at least Tom, Weaver, Hal, Pope, and Maggie are all great.

The writing is also still very clunky and not as sharp as, well, better shows than this one. The stand out worst episode of the season, Death March, didn’t need to air at all. It was a filler episode at its worst and stopped the season dead. Luckily the final two episodes made up for it.

Falling Skies is no Game of Thrones, but it is a a respectable sci fi show that knows how to produce a thrilling episode. Hopefully the momentum will be kept up from the last few episodes into next season. If so, Falling Skies could be on its way to true greatness. (8/10)

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