Falling Skies: Shall We Gather at the River Review

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The second episode of the season continued the exciting season premiere.

Falling Skies is a good show, not a great one, but if tonight was any indication, this show has definitely improved since last season. This hour of the two part premiere saw Tom questioning whether he can be trusted after being on the alien ship. Turns out he was right as some kind of alien parasite was inside of him.

In one of the grossest scenes I have ever seen on television, Anne successfully removed the parasite. But seriously, that was absolutely disgusting and continued to haunt me at least through the next commercial break. Well done.

This show continues to be a little slower than I would like, but we got some great stuff in this episode aside from the eyeball scene. Between this and the first episode, Ben seems to be a big part of this season, and that is a great thing. I loved the scene between him and Tom where they weirdly bonded over being potentially dangerous after being with the aliens.

The end action sequence was good too as they tried to cross the river and the mechs and Skitters were hot on their tail. Weaver is always able to make battle scenes feel all the more urgent. Pope blowing up the bridge was a nice touch too. As much as I love Tom, deep down I know that he was right.

Shall We Gather at the River was a good follow up to the great first episode. The show continues to have moments of greatness in the midst of mediocrity. But hey, this season is already starting off better than the first. (7.5/10)

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