Falling Skies: The Price of Greatness Review

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The best episodes of Falling Skies have always focused on the people or society in general, a fact proved once again by this fantastic episode.

After last week’s season worst filler episode, we got the best episode of the show yet directly after. The Price of Greatness was excellent all around. Upon arriving at Charleston, the 2nd Mass gets the sense that something is off. This society and its leader, Arthur Manchester played by none other than John Locke himself (Terry O’Quinn), only seem to be welcoming to the 2nd Mass. for about five seconds.

I loved the way that all of the characters fit in to this new environment. Tom was embraced by Manchester and invited to partake as a political officer in Charleston. Anne reluctantly began running pediatrics. Weaver joined his fellow men in uniform. Matt found himself getting in fights at school. And Pope, well of course he was up to no good.

Once word got out that the Skitter rebellion was potentially trying to get in contact with Tom things got even crazier. I was impressed that the writers had Manchester go about as far as he could get away with. Having the entire 2nd Mass. locked up was shocking. But luckily, Manchester’s right hand man turned on him.

I loved how this episode showed this society trying to last in what is essentially a post apocalyptic world. Seeing the cast of characters we have grown to love put in this situation was fantastic. And there weren’t even any aliens! This is Falling Skies at its best. Can’t wait for the finale next week. (9/10)

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