Falling Skies: Worlds Apart (Season Premiere) Review

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The return of the 2nd Mass. was an exciting one in this great season premiere for Falling Skies.

The episode started three months after Tom went onto an alien ship. The opening scene was a great action sequence that did a perfect job of reminding us who is who and giving every character a moment to be awesome. It was great seeing Weaver, Pope, Hal, Ben, and all the others fighting alongside each other once again.

In that sequence Tom returned to his family but not before Ben accidentally shot him. This allowed Anne to work on him as we got flashbacks to exactly what Tom was up to for the last three months. These were the best moments of the episode as Tom was all by himself and dealing directly with the aliens. It was a great way to remind us of how honorable of a hero Tom is while giving him an exciting journey back to the 2nd Mass.

As for what everyone else was up to, we had some great family drama between all of Tom’s kids. Matt wants to fight. Ben tried to teach Matt how to fight. Hal disapproved. It’s simple but it worked wonderfully to re-establish the issues amongst the brothers.

The rest of the camp was being pretty boring (not enough Pope in this premiere). We did get an exciting sequence with a mech walking past the camp as Anne tries to pull a bullet out of Tom. It was very Spielberg.

Worlds Apart was a nice way to start off the season. Sure, some of it felt pretty boring, but Tom’s flashbacks were fantastic. Stay tuned for another review of the second episode in the two hour season premiere right after it ends! (8/10)

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