First ‘Bourne Legacy’ Trailer Shows Big Changes For the Franchise

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Many thought that The Bourne Ultimatum would be the end of the series, but here comes The Bourne Legacy with a fresh new face to take on the action. This trailer did not necessarily reveal much of the plot but shows that this movie does have at least some potential.

One thing that the trailer does really well is both separate this film away from the past three while also showing the connections. Jeremy Renner is a whole different monster for this CIA program. You can see Albert Finney in the trailer reprising his small but pivotal role in Ultimatum. But the antagonist this time around is played by none other than Edward Norton, who is a good fit for the series.

Other key returners include Joan Allen, Scott Glenn, and David Strathairn. Missing from the trailer is Rachel Weisz, who will likely play Renner’s love interest. As for the movie itself, the trailer highlights a lot of quick action and a lot of dialogue that doesn’t make too much sense yet. However, there are a lot of shots in the trailer that are similar to shots from the other movies (the sniper rifle is the poster of Supremacy). Clearly Universal is trying to subtly reel us back in.

My guess is that this entry will be enjoyable, but not nearly as much as its predecessors. The Bourne Legacy hits theaters August 3rd.

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