Five Characters Who Should Return in ‘Legend of Korra’

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With The Legend of Korra finally having premiered on Nickelodeon, now is the perfect time to look at where the series could go from here. Some of the most rewarding moments of the first two episodes were the connections to Avatar: The Last Airbender, but so far the only returning character from that series is Katara, and she didn’t even bend anything! My guess is that Katara has some fight left in her, but who else could we see return? Here are the five characters we want to see the most.

5. Suki-

Sadly, we were told in the premiere that Sokka is in fact dead. But what about Suki? It would be great to see Sokka’s wife return just for an episode or so. Especially because she is a non-bender. Her perspective on the growing tensions between non-benders and benders could be very interesting.



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Okay, so this is really unlikely, but what if we got a cameo of a really old Azula in a Republic City prison? She was always crazy but she really went off the deep end in the finale of The Last Airbender. Seeing how over seventy years of prison affected her would be a fascinating wink to the fans.



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So we have already seen her daughter, who failed to mention whether her mother is still around, but someone had to teach all those cops how to metal bend! Toph was one of the best characters in the original series and if she is still alive, it’s unlikely she changed very much. Hopefully the blind bandit will have another day.



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Aang is really the only character that HAS to return in The Legend of Korra. In the premiere we learned that the new avatar has yet to get in touch with the Spirit World. Just as avatar Roku helped Aang, our old hero will likely come to the aid of Korra once she manages to make the connection. Seeing how Aang has grown will be a perfect retread to the old series.



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A friend of mine has a theory that Mako and Bolin are Zuko’s sons. If this turns out to be true we can expect at least a very angsty flashback. If not, Zuko was not mentioned even once in the premiere, which is promising because the writers may be holding out on us for a big reveal with the former Firelord. Which would be absolutely amazing.



Any other characters you would like to see return? Sound off below!






2 Responses to Five Characters Who Should Return in ‘Legend of Korra’

  1. Trey says:

    I would like to mention Dante Bosco has said on his Twitter account back in Nov. 2010 that he’s voicing a character related to Zuko in an episode titled “Skeleton in the Closet”.

    Wonder who it could be?

  2. Alex says:

    They briefly mentioned her in the first episode, but it’d be fantastic to finally find out what happened to Zuko’s mother!

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